The Business Coaches Training Academy is focused on ensuring that graduates are confident, effective and credible Business Coaches. Our programs give you the coaching techniques, tools and information needed to hit the ground running with your small and mid-sized business (SMB) or nonprofit clients.

We do this by providing advanced coaching skills training along with supporting tools and information for experienced coaches who want to offer Business Coaching to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses and/or NonProfit organizations.

Our curriculum is designed with the experienced coach in mind, meaning that we do not cover fundamental coaching skills in our courses. There are many excellent schools that provide that level of foundational training. The ideal BCTA student has completed their foundational skills training and has been actively coaching for 1-5+ years.

BCTA is focused solely on the growing niche of business coaching and offers both for-profit (SMB) and nonprofit coaching intensives. Schools with similar for-profit topic areas are typically entry points into a coaching franchise. To date, no programs have been identified that offer a nonprofit specialty.

Both coaching intensives have a unique blend of live telesessions (20 hours) – focused on coaching skills and techniques – and online, self-paced learning modules (10 hours) – focused on information and background on the market sector.

In addition, both programs utilize the VALUE™ coaching model, based on over 20 years of SMB and nonprofit coaching and consulting experience. The model is time tested, practical and effective.

Because of the narrow focus of topic and the advanced nature of the students, courses can be of short duration (10 weeks), easily accessible, affordable and qualify for ICF CCEUs.