Upcoming Business Coaching Jumpstart

10-week telesession course: Monday, April 11 – Monday, June 13, 2016, 9-11am Pacific
Plus 10 self-paced, online learning sessions
Plus 12-months of Mastermind & Support
Plus private Facebook Group to get ideas and share your learning
Plus expert interviews with small business CEOs and executives

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Be a Confident and Effective Business Coach

The world of small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) is very different than other work environments – fast paced, high energy, extremely fluid, action oriented, multi-tasking on steroids. For more information about the SMB sector, please check out the FAQs.

As a Business Coach, you’ll be expected to hit the ground running and provide value right away. To do this, you need to understand the business world – culture, terminology, structures, challenges, best practices – or you’ll quickly be washed out. In addition, you need to have coaching techniques and tools that are geared specifically to the business environment, addressing their pain points and blind spots.

The Business Coaching Jumpstart provides you all that, and more. You’ll also receive CCEUs to renew your ICF credential and be eligible for a money-back guarantee.*

The foundation of our training is the VALUE™ Business Coaching Model, which has been developed, used and enhanced since 2009. It is time-tested and effective.

The BCJumpstart program is a unique blend of 10 weekly live teleclasses, focused on a coaching framework and techniques, tools and interactive practice sessions. After the live teleclasses are complete, you’ll have a full year of Mastermind and support resources, including 10 online, self-paced learning modules that focus on the business environment, culture, structure, and terminology, plus monthly Mastermind calls, a private FaceBook group, and expert interviews with small business CEOs. Everything you need to start and grow your Business Coaching practice!

The next Business Coaching Jumpstart starts on Monday April 11, 2016, 9:00-11:00am PT. The weekly live course will conclude on Monday June 13, 2016. Each class session will be recorded.

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The 2-hour live teleclasses will include discussion of business coaching concepts, tools and techniques plus practice sessions where you can apply your learning. A brief overview of teleseminar topics by module include:

  • Module 1 – Welcome and Orientation. Introductions and connection. Review of foundational coaching skills.  Introduction to the business world and potential options for business coaching services. Overview of the VALUE model.
  • Module 2 – V: Vision. Discovering the driving passion in the client’s life and work
  • Module 3 – A: Assess. Understanding the current state of the client and the business
  • Module 4 – L: Leverage. Building from the client’s strengths and experiences
  • Module 5 – Mid-Program Q&A: Free-form review, Q&A and best practices
  • Module 6 – U: Unify. Bringing it all together in heart, mind, spirit and action
  • Module 7 – E: Engage. Getting into action and achieving break-through results
  • Module 8 – Weaving it all together. Focus on the business coaching overall process and using the VALUE model in it’s entirety. Business coaching agreements and structures, plus ways to deepening the coaching relationship so you become a trusted thought-partner and ally
  • Module 9 – Marketing and connection. Creating a business-relevant introduction and materials, sample sessions, discovery sessions and intake packets.
  • Module 10 – Your Launch! What to focus on now as you launch your business coaching practice. Developing a short and mid-term action plan and commitments. Closure.

After the live teleclass sessions are complete, you’ll have 12 months of Mastermind resources and support, including monthly mastermind calls, a private Facebook group, and 10 online, self-paced learning modules. Each module is approximately 60-90 minutes of material. These modules will be released on a bi-weekly basis after the live teleclasses are complete, and you can access them at your convenience. Below are example topics in the 10 online, self-paced learning modules.

  • Introduction to the World of SMB: Market size and facts, causes of business failure, traits of a successful entrepreneur and company lifecycle
  • SMB Nuts and Bolts: Business legal structures, strategy, financing and financials, business plans and strategy
  • SMB Operations: Dealing with employees, insurance, organizational structures
  • SMB Business Environment: Business and company culture, values, mission / vision, roles and norms
  • Working with Others: Personality types, communication styles, influence and persuasion skills, facilitation techniques
  • Developing and Coaching Teams: Team development phases and team building, team coaching, promoting collaboration
  • Constructive Conflict Resolution: Minimizing resistance, conflict styles assessment, ways to address conflict, 3-way coaching
  • Promoting Organizational Development: Understanding roles and responsibilities, managing vs. leading, promoting accountability, growing leaders
  • Planning and Visioning Processes: Strategic planning processes, visioning tools
  • Managing Organizational Change: Understanding the change process, typical responses to change, tips for facilitating change
  • Plus! Interviews with SMB CEOs / owners / executives: What are key challenges in their work and lives? What do they look for in a coach? What types of topics do they want coaching on? and other related questions

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Our next Business Coaching Jumpstart starts on Monday April 11, 2016, 9:00-11:00am PST. The weekly telecourse will conclude on Monday June 13, 2016.

mb_gold_guaranteeMoney Back Guarantee

If you decide, for any reason, that the course isn’t a good fit for you, just request your refund in writing before the fourth live class session (Monday, May 2). Your full registration fee will be refunded with no hassles.