Can I be an effective Business Coach if I haven’t really set up my own business?

Effectively handling the business and operational aspects of your company not only shows your commitment to your work and livelihood, it also helps you to better connect with your clients thanks you your shared experiences.

While your coaching business will look different from a larger company, the need for business professionalism and credibility is just as great. As a Business Coach and a business owner, you need to “walk the talk” when it comes to setting up your professional service firm.

After all, would you go to a dentist with bad teeth, hire an accountant who didn’t manage his/her own firm well, or hire a contractor whose offices were in disrepair? Of course not!

If you need some guidance and resources to help you get your business set up correctly, check out “The Business of Coaching” – the business start-up book recommended or required by multiple coaching schools.

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