Is corporate coaching the same as business coaching?


Although they are related, they are very different types of coaching. The world of a corporate employee can be very different than the world of a small to mid-tier business. Often, in the corporate environment, much of an employee’s energy is spent on trying to be visible in the large crowd of employees, positioning herself in relationship to other employees, vying for coveted promotions and projects, while also trying to do a good job and grow as a leader. Corporate employees typically have positions that are fairly limited in scope – they work within a single role in a single function. In contrast, a hallmark of the small and mid-tier firms is the “wearing multiple hats in multiple functions” type of role, where there is less focus on trying to “rise above the crowd” and more focus on effectively managing multiple (usually competing) priorities, maintaining high productivity but not burning out, creating processes on the fly, thinking quickly and getting into action on the right thing at the right time.

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