Is training really needed for business coaching? Can’t a good coach train anyone, anywhere, anytime?


You may have heard that a good coach can work anywhere, anytime, with any person. And that is true, to an extent. A trained coach can provide some level of value in a single coaching session with little or no understanding of the client’s environment or circumstances. But ongoing clients want ongoing value, and the feeling that you “get” them and understand their situation. That’s possible only if you have a good grasp of their environment.  Imagine if you were asked to coach a famous fashion designer. Wouldn’t you want to know something about the fashion industry – what the environment is like, what are the key stress points, what’s the lingo / terminology, where to start when coaching this famous designer, etc? The same logic applies to business coaching. If you have many years of experience in different aspects of business, you probably already have the necessary knowledge and understanding to be of ongoing value to your business clients. However, if you don’t have that level of experience, your clients will be disappointed or, they may not hire you or follow up after a sample session. You need to have the tools, techniques and knowledge about the business world to establish your credibility and provide ongoing value to your clients.

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