• Dorcas' coaching, insight, and efforts have had a significant positive impact on the growth and development of my company. I deeply appreciate her wide range of knowledge and experience, her ability to quickly size-up a situation and see the core issue, and her ability to ask just the right question to help me to see the bigger picture.

    Karen R. CEO / Founder
  • This course is unbelievably helpful! The most practical information and a must-take for anyone with this interest. Dorcas is incredibly knowledgeable in this area and such a valuable resource. Can not praise it more highly.

    Linda G. Coaching student
  • Dorcas has coached multiple executives, managers and individual contributors in our company and everyone uniformly raves about her. She brings clarity and keen insight to all topics, and helps each client stretch and grow. She "gets us" and is an important member of our extended team.

    Marina L. HR Director, regional firm
  • This course really propelled me on the way! Dorcas has fantastic energy and a wealth of experience to share. She maps out the process and alerts you to pitfalls and roadblocks. But she also helps you visualize your goal and get momentum!

    Patricia M. Coaching student
  • As an Executive Director for a non-profit (and 20+ years leading non-profits) I want a coach who can provide excellent value in a short amount of time. Dorcas is that kind of coach, and I’m delighted that she’s been a part of my “team” since 2006.

    Susan M. Executive Director
  • This course offered a perfect match between teacher and subject matter. Dorcas is organized, knowledgeable and a clear communicator. Her practical advice and materials are superb. I feel ready to jump in!

    Kathy W. Coaching student
  • Working with Dorcas has really helped me develop and hone my leadership skills, and given me tools to prioritize the myriad of issues that come across my desk. I can trust that she is in my corner and is an insightful thought partner.

    Larry C. Executive, regional firm
  • Dorcas is a very organized and knowledgeable instructor. She is energetic, enthusiastic and very helpful. She encouraged class participation and good discussions ensued.

    Andrea W. Coaching student
  • Dorcas has been my trusted adviser for over 5 years and she has consistently stretched and supported me at the same time. She helps me think through issues and situations and clarify my priorities. An excellent coach for my small business!

    Chris N. CEO / Founder
  • Dorcas is able to lay out complicated topics in clear steps. She breaks it down and clarifies the tough stuff. She has fantastic energy and enthusiasm for coaching!

    Greg P. Coaching student
  • For the last 8 years, Dorcas has helped me think through and make tough choices in challenging times, develop a more cohesive Board of Directors and staff, grow in my own leadership and stay sane through all the ups-and-downs of a managing a non-profit in a challenging economy. Highly recommended!

    Valerie G. Executive Director
  • Dorcas is great! Very informative - I wish the course was longer!

    Quincy C. Coaching student
  • A powerful combination of envisioning my coaching practice, along with the pragmatics of actual implementation.

    Bob M. Coaching student