The core of BCTA’s training is our proprietary VALUE™ coaching model, which is based on over 20 years of small and mid-sized business (SMB) and nonprofit coaching and consulting. The model itself has been in use since 2009, with many enhancements and refinements over the years. It is time-tested, practical and effective.

Using the model as a framework, the business coach can powerfully blend five activities essential to effective business coaching:

V: Vision. Discovering the driving passion in the client’s life and work, and the dream the client holds for themselves and for the business

A: Assess. Understanding the current state of the client – emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes – as well as the current business situation

L: Leverage. Recognizing and building from the strengths, experiences and resources of the client and the business

U: Unify. Bringing it all together in the client’s heart, mind, spirit and action, plus ensuring alignment between the client and their team

E: Engage. Getting into action through changes in behavior, beliefs and attitudes to achieve break-through results